Our Work

ACTS supports students and schools at every level of education, enabling students to educate themselves out of poverty. 


Our local partner, Kids League Kenya, works with schools to support their equipment and infrastructure needs, making sure that there is a positive learning environment.


School Support Programme

We work with local primary school leaders to support their equipment and material needs

Library Programme

We work to establish and stock libraries in local schools. Some of these funds are raised by Kenyan children to support their less fortunate peers through an annual Sponsored Read. 

Desk Programme

The Get Off the Floor desk project raises funds to buy desks from a local charity for disabled craftsmen, who manufacture the ACTS design ‘desk and bench combined unit’. International Rotary Matching Grants have successfully supported both charities.


Many ACTS students qualify for secondary school, but financing can be a major obstacle. ACTS supports able students with their school fees and education-related expenses.


School Fee Support

We sponsor the school fees of secondary students, requiring minimum attainment of C+ to ensure funding. Local counselling helps to support students who struggle to meet this threshold. Successful students graduate from secondary school and apply for university degrees, college diplomas or certificate courses.


University applications can take two years to process so ACTS keeps in touch with Scholars' ongoing training plans until they secure their course of choice. Additional students can enter the sponsorship programme at this level. 



University Scholarships

We sponsor students through their college or university course, supporting them to achieve academic or professional qualifications.


Graduation success and employment

Our graduates go on to a variety of fields. We are proud to have supported teachers, nurses, business people and many more professionals, who continue to give back to their local communities through the opportunities their education has afforded them.